29 Jun 2018

Motorsport Network launches Pit Stop Betting app 

New flash betting app to transform fan engagement and add a radical new dimension to motorsport entertainment for fans.

LONDON, Richmond - June 28, 2018 Motorsport Network announced a completely new dimension to the fan experience of motor racing with the launch of a new business – Pit Stop Betting – and the release of its new proprietary app in the App Store and Google Play today*.

The Pit Stop Betting app re-defines sports betting for motorsport fans. With a simple and intuitive mobile interface designed to be operated with a single thumb, the designed-in emphasis has been to deliver rewarding entertainment for fans of racing and rallying as well as simultaneously providing contextual information to inform.

Unlike other sports that have a long-standing tradition of betting, Pit Stop Betting recognised that motorsport demands its own tailored approach; one that offers an array of event-by-event betting cards with simple, visible payout terms that will appeal to its knowledgeable audience. The betting cards provide a constantly varying array of entertaining opportunities to speculate on the outcome of motorsport events.

The app will offer betting cards across ten motorsport series at launch, spanning circuit racing on two wheels and four, as well as rally and rallycross. The company has a planned programme of expansion in coming months across more categories of motorsport, in different jurisdictions and supplementing the flash betting user interface with a number of revolutionary new betting formats that are not only ground-breaking for motorsport, but for sports betting in general.

Pit Stop Betting’s co-founder, Simon Vumbaca said, “In conceiving our new products, Pit Stop Betting’s first and fundamental consideration is that motorsport fans are distinct from broader sports fans. We have designed the app to reflect motor racing with fast and clear outcomes and the unique characteristics of individual events. That’s why we’ve created something that is simple to use, puts the emphasis on the inherent fun of motor racing and provides rewarding entertainment in a responsible way.”

Zak Brown, Motorsport Network’s Chairman said: “The Pit Stop Betting app adds another dimension to our portfolio of products and services for the motorsport fan. But more importantly, this radical new app with its focus on ‘rewarding entertainment’ will set new standards not just for motorsport, but I believe more broadly for sports betting in general with its refreshingly fun and demystified approach to betting.”

Pit Stop Betting holds all relevant Gambling Commission licences to operate in the UK and will be expanding the app across different jurisdictions in the near future.

* Only available in currently licensed jurisdictions.