20 May 2015 Acquires Italy’s Largest Online Automotive Publishing Company

Filippo Salza, Italia CEO
Charles Bradley, editor in chief - FRANCE screen shot - RUSSIA screen shot
Preview of the Generation 5 website
Preview of the Generation 5 website
Preview of the Generation 5 website LLC announces its acquisition of the Edimotive S.r.l.

MIAMI – (May 20, 2015) – LLC, a Miami based global technology and multimedia company, today announced its acquisition of the multimedia publishing company Edimotive S.r.l, Italy’s most valuable online resource for motorsports and automotive news content.

As part of the agreement, acquires all Edimotive S.r.l assets of its daily web magazines and broadcasting, new media and digital webTV, including, and others. will be renamed and become the Italian version of the website. As part of the acquisition, will become part of the company’s portfolio.

“Italy has a huge passion for motorsport,” said Editor in Chief Charles Bradley. “From the Ferrari-loving Tifosi in Formula 1 to the legions of Valentino Rossi fans in MotoGP, there's no country in the world quite like it. So it was a region that was very much high on our hit list for the global expansion plan.”

“Our new colleagues are of the very highest caliber, and their expertise is going to elevate the level and depth of our overall coverage to yet another level.”

The acquisition combines two highly successful digital distribution platforms, which provide, via websites and social media networks, interactive multimedia coverage and experiences of all major motorsports news and automotive content.

“We are honored to have been chosen to partner with one of the best international motorsports websites in the world,,” said Filippo Salza, co-founder and CEO of Edimotive S.r.l.

“Our goal is to provide seamless integration of joint news coverage while leveraging our technical and editorial assets to produce the best content and engagement we can.”

“The opportunity of transferring our editorial experience to such an important international project is a great satisfaction for all the work done in the last years,” said Alessandro Lago co-founder and editor in chief of Edimotive S.r.l. “The creation of a global automotive news ecosystem will enable us to increase content quality and reach unique levels in digital publishing industry.”

One of the fastest growing motor sports websites in the world, is a technically advanced digital distribution platform that provides worldwide, multimedia motor sports coverage in over 180 countries this year, including 360-degree broadcasting technology from its sister company

“We chose Edimotive S.r.l. and their suite of websites because of their professional management team and impeccable experience in journalism who share our global vision of providing industry-leading news and information in every form of major motorsports and automotive news worldwide,” said Eric Gilbert, vice president of operations, “Italy is a key European market and to partner with such a well-respected organization further strengthens our coverage of automotive news.”


Founded in 1994, is an international network of online motorsports content, multi-national platforms, world-class digital distribution, video and interactive multimedia worldwide. Powered by passion and fueled by award-winning, cutting-edge technology, Our One Team, One World approach to motorsports content is staffed 24 hours, seven days a week and is updated continuously throughout the day. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, and in bureaus around the world, our 2015 global expansion will include entries in 14 countries in 10 different languages.





About Edimotive S.r.l.

Edimotive is a 10 years old digital publisher with a strong focus on automotive industry recognized as one of the most innovative and reliable players on the Italian Market. High quality targeted audience, great relations with automotive industry, multi-platform projects with focus on video productions, social media, mobile and web publishing solutions are only some of Edimotive’s key assets.




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