25 Sep 2019

FIA database now in the hands of the fans

FIA database now in the hands of the fans

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, world governing body of motor sport and Motorsport Network business Motorsport Stats are proud to announce that the bespoke results and statistics database for the fans they have co-created is now in operational and available for fans to use.

In the months since the appointment by FIA President, Jean Todt, at the 2019 FIA Sport Conference in Sun City, South Africa, Motorsport Stats has been developing this modular front-end website which holds historical data as well as the future results of the senior championships.

The new free to access FIA results website covers 17 FIA championships, including a comprehensive history of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship from 1950 onwards and a full record of all other FIA World Championships backed up with results from defunct or superseded series in sports cars, touring cars and rally. 

Motorsport Stats is the world’s foremost repository of racing intelligence built on the sport’s gold standard database, Forix. Every season, Motorsport Stats’ data collection teams and analysts capture a rich stream of data and results from more than 50 events every weekend across time zones. 

The company provides federations, promoters, teams, sponsors and media with ready-to-go results websites and data-powered products such as automated social media publishing tools, as well as providing results and data analytics services through its API services, reflecting the wider capacity of Motorsport Network to act as partner, consultant and solutions provider across the industry.

Jean Todt, President, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile said, “I am particularly pleased to announce the launch of FIA Championships results and statistics website. This new website protects one essential part of the historical fabric of the FIA’s major championships – and makes this resource freely available to fans, media and anyone with an interest in motorsport to search through a deep catalogue of classified results. I am sure that fans all over the world will appreciate it and I wish them an enriching experience.”

James Allen, Motorsport Network President, said, “This is a great day;  together with our colleagues at the FIA we have created a wonderful new tool for fans of motor racing and rally to interact with, that will bring them closer to the sport. We are proud of the depth and quality of our stats and database business and honoured to have been entrusted with this important work by the FIA.”

Motorsport Stats FIA official supplier

Motorsport Stats FIA official supplier

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