03 Sep 2020

Liqui Moly partners with Motorsport Stats

London, September 3rd, 2020: Motorsport Network has partnered with Liqui Moly for its Motorsport Stats business. The Network will provide a social stats and results feed for Liqui Moly until the end of the current season.

As part of the agreement, Motorsport Stats will provide data from Formula 1, MotoGP and Moto2 for Liqui Moly fans, giving them instant results and data analytics. Using APIs, Liqui Moly will be able to cross share and organically share the statistical data from onto their own social channels.  

Motorsport Stats is the world’s leading repository of racing intelligence built on the sport’s gold standard database, Forix. Every season, the Motorsport Stats data collection teams and analysts capture a rich stream of data and results from more than 50 events each weekend across multiple time zones.

This announcement draws on the wider capacity of Motorsport Network to act as partner, consultant and solutions provider across the industry. Offering a wide variety of business partnership programs, which are part of the Network and can be tailored to a specific brand to meet their needs, the Network already works with some high-level clients such as FIA and Tencent (OTC: TCEHY).

Liqui Moly, a globally renowned manufacturer of premium quality automotive lubricants, has partnered with race events and race teams in the past, adding an additional element to their partnerships through this announcement with Motorsport Network.

Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at Liqui Moly said: “As a proud sponsor of Formula 1, Moto GP and Moto 2, we pride ourselves in matching our technologically advanced products with the most advanced motor sports. Through a professional data feed, we are proud to share instant stats and results with global motorsport fans, asserting our commitment to the championships we are involved in”

Gustavo A Roche, SVP of Motorsport Network and Managing Director of Motorsport Stats added: “Instant results allow our global fans to get closer to the sport and enjoy a richer experience; we are proud to feed Liqui Moly with our world-class data and stats service. Our technology captures and logs most of it, and the rest comes from our teams in the field: they live and breathe motorsport, spend their weekend at racetracks, that’s simply why we’re unbeatable in the vertical.”