07 Jan 2021

Motorsport Images assists Ferrari with 1000th GP celebration book

Ferrari turned to Motorsport Images to assist in the making of the 1000th Grand Prix celebration book, the first must-have book of 2021 – especially for fans of the Scuderia!


The Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team is the only team to take part in 1,000 Formula One Championship Grands Prix.

To celebrate this milestone, the Italian team has produced a new book showing a visual story of its 1,000 races, with an image from every race in which it has taken part since 1950.

To help in this monumental task, Ferrari turned to Motorsport Images to supply 130 of the images from its unique, unbroken collection.

Motorsport Images is known globally as the definitive photo resource for all things motor racing and automotive, not just Formula One, with over 26 million assets dating back to 1895 through to what happened on the track a few seconds ago.

It supplies newsrooms across the world, supplying visual content to editorial platforms as well as directly working with brands such as Rolex to create compelling and exciting advertising campaigns.

This exquisite limited-edition book catalogues the rich history of Ferrari in Formula 1; from triumphs and tragedies to the legendary drivers and some of the beautiful cars that have delighted fans the world over. The book is a must-have for any motorsport collector or Ferrari enthusiast.

It is available via Duke Video CLICK HERE