22 Aug 2017

Motorsport Network launches global jobs site –

New site provides employees and employers with global reach

Motorsport Network has launched a new global industry recruitment platform which aims to connect the world's top motorsport industry talent with the best career options. not only enables companies in the sport to advertise to find the best candidates for positions, but also provides a platform for motorsport talent to showcase their skills and experience for potential new opportunities.

The new site also will highlight global opportunities – connecting talented professionals with career opportunities in new markets, mirroring Motorsport Network's global reach which offers 28 global editions of websites – including, and – plus social media channels and magazines edited by local experts.

"It's absolutely focused on the motorsport industry where, at the moment, there's no really state-of-the-art recruitment platform just for our sport," said Rob Paterson, SVP of Classified Division, Motorsport Network

"There are a lot of global mainstream job sites which might be great for sales jobs or admin roles, but not really good when you want to find a fluid dynamics engineer.

"This is also an extension of what we've been doing in Autosport Magazine for the past 67 years where the recruitment section is still strong. Now we have an opportunity to also reach an audience through digital to find the right applicant."

Motorsport Network has experienced rapid growth in the past two years to become the world's largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform, connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars.

The network currently has more than 172 million monthly page views across 81 countries in 17 different languages – providing a perfect platform to launch

" and already have enormous global audiences and most of the people who work in the industry are passionate about the sport and are already regular readers of our sites," Paterson said.

"The global distribution can now present an opportunity to reach the hydraulics engineer working in Tasmania for a job that he's the perfect person for that might be in the UK or anywhere else in the world." will launch initially in English – the global language of motorsport – but will feature additional languages in the months ahead.

The key criteria for all jobs on the new site is that they be for motorsport – any aspect of the sport – from Formula 1 to karting.

"There are so many roles for professionals in this sport and our site will cater for every aspect," Paterson said.

"That could be for somebody that is a race track marshal on a go-kart track, it could be up to a team director for one of the Formula 1 teams, or anything and everything in between.

"As long as it's a role that's in the motorsport industry. We want to engage people coming into the industry at every level. We'll also be encouraging schools and universities to promote their motorsport courses, whether that's in engineering or marketing or whatever it happens to be."

Motorsport Network Chairman Zak Brown believes the new site will be invaluable for teams and organisations as well as individual professionals in the sport.

"Through my roles at McLaren in Formula 1 and United Autosports in sports cars, I know very well that finding the right people for every role is incredibly important and an enormous challenge," Brown said.

" will be an invaluable tool because it will provide much wider exposure for job opportunities throughout the entire industry around the world.

"You walk into any garage around the world in professional motorsport and you will hear so many accents from so many countries. This site will help organisations find the right people, and people to find the right opportunities regardless of what passport they hold."