18 Mar 2021

Motorsport Network launches INSIDEEVS Turkey

Motorsport Network expands its global reach with the Turkish edition of their electric vehicles publication.

London, United Kingdom — 18th March 2021: Reaching out to a new digital market, Motorsport Network, a global motor racing, and automotive publisher, has launched an edition in Turkey of InsideEVs, their electric vehicles-focused publication.

Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide has been growing rapidly over the past decade, with Governments looking to shift the percentage of electric road cars higher in a battle against global warming. The popularity of emissions-free motoring is steadily increasing in all countries, with EV sales rising globally and expected to reach a 30% market share within 2030.

Currently, Motorsport Network is represented in Turkey by local versions of the leading racing media and the automotive site launch of InsideEVs Turkey will be the sixth regional version of the InsideEVs website, with global English-language, French, Italian, Brazilian, and Russian already existing.

Emir Tuçyürek will take on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the new Tuçyürek’s own Turkish EV publication -, launched in 2015 – has been merged with the new Along with the new Editor-in-Chief, will launch with partner Sponsor E-Garaj - the first Electrical Mobility Center of Turkey.

Filippo Salza, President of Automotive at Motorsport Network: “Demand for electric vehicles in Turkey has been rapidly growing last couple years and the local electric car brand TOGG has already introduced two new models and will start selling first-ever national electric cars in late 2022. We know the audience is there and this spike in interest presented the perfect time to launch the Turkish edition. It’s great to see the global desire for EVs and EV news grow, leading to natural expansion steps for the InsideEVs platform.”

Cihangir Perperik, Director of Motorsport Network Turkey: “After having launched and Turkish editions five years ago, we are now presenting another important asset of Motorsport Network. will provide important information and fresh news about electric vehicles in Turkish, making it all the more accessible to a new audience. We are also very excited to co-operate with E-Garaj and strongly believe, as they are an important EV supplier in Turkey, that our partnership will contribute to the growth of the industry in the country.”

Ahmet Faruk Usta, E-Garaj CEO: “Before there has been a lack of a platform all about electric vehicles which provides detailed information and up-to-date news in Turkish. We are proud to be co-operating with a creative and productive global partner such as InsideEVs Turkey that provides interesting and informative content to its followers. As Turkey’s first Electrical Mobility Center and the first entity to have a service and showroom dedicated to the electric vehicles, we see a unique space available where can help customers and consumers whilst reaching those who may not currently be invested in electric vehicles.”


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