19 Feb 2019

Motorsport Stats launches world’s largest free results database

Motorsport Stats launches world’s largest free results database

LONDON, UK – February 18, 2019 From today, motor racing fans with a thirst for knowledge will find the new Motorsport Stats Results service the ideal destination to fuel their passion. 

What’s special or unique about this new offering? Every season, Motorsport Stats companies collect a rich stream of data and results from more than 2,500 motor racing events from leading circuit world championships on two wheels and four, to off-road series from rally and motocross. Motorsport Stats’ capability to collect racing results at a rate of 50 events every weekend across time zones has led to the development of the world’s foremost repository of racing intelligence. 

And from today, the best of this data will be made freely available in the world’s largest multi-series racing results service.

Fuelling the fans, powering the industry

Motorsport Stats’ new results website offers a complete historical record of leading championships dating back to 1949, and provides detailed, drillable statistics by driver, team, series, venue and country. The platform launches with over 30 senior championships and is the first phase of a staged development plan to deliver not just results, but detailed user-generated queries, driver and team performance analytics and data visualisations, all of which form the basis of the next release of this service.

This new service from the Motorsport Network stable puts fans at the heart of the action, but also provides an enterprise solution to collect, categorise, store and serve race results to teams, promoters and federations via the MSS
database and APIs. Motorsport Stats powers the results for a number of international championships such as ABB FIA Formula E and today’s website launch adds a fully mobile-responsive front-end website platform for customers who seek a turnkey solution to add racing results to their own websites. 

Liam Clogger, CEO Motorsport Stats said “This new results website is the first step in providing access to some of the 71,000 driver & rider records we hold and the 52,000 race records that date back to 1894. This is the foundation for us to add more data, more features and more analysis to the platform to ensure it is the world’s definitive repository of motor racing intelligence to provide teams and promoters with not just a high accuracy, low latency results solution, but one guaranteed to continuously evolve and expand.”

James Allen, President of Motorsport Network said, “As a former F1 TV commentator I know better than anyone the value of a good stat! This service really adds value for both fans and businesses. As we all look forward to studying the form for the Formula 1 season ahead, this new platform will become an indispensable destination for fans of this and many other championships on two wheels & four, and on track & stage. We’ve taken the decision to enable our fans to experience the power of this resource by moving this service in front of the paywall so they can access this vast sporting database without charge.”