28 Jun 2012 announces new look to award-winning site

Responding to suggestions from readers, has developed an easier way for readers to get all the latest racing news and photos that they want to see!

Long known for bringing racing fans the latest news, photos and videos from the world of motorsports, racing website is announcing a bold new look to its site that will enable its many visitors to view its unrivalled racing photography and news from around the globe.

Acting after responses and suggestions from the sites many devoted followers, the new-look will give readers easier and longer-lasting access to top racing stories across the world, while still featuring all of the news from every team in all of the major racing sanctioning bodies.

New-look front page of
New-look front page of

The photography that has become a hallmark of will also be prominently featured on the front page of the site with galleries from’s award-winning stable of photographers as well as galleries submitted by readers.

The site will also augment its current video capacity to feature video from as well as those submitted by readers and viewers.

The redesign allows readers to go directly to the content they want to experience, whether it be on the front page that covers all racing, or a specific series or type of racing. Upon entry to a specific series’ page, all of the headlines, photos, videos and news content is shown immediately to the reader, allowing them to quickly find areas of interest to them.

“We had some elements that we wanted to change as part of this, but many of the improvements that have come as part of this redesign have come because of feedback that we receive from our readers,” said site founder Eric Gilbert. “We are fortunate to have passionate followers of the and we want them to know that all of their suggestions are considered in any changes that we make. We have outstanding content on our site and our mission is to get that content to our visitors in the best way possible.”