19 Feb 2024 unveils sleek new website design for enhanced user experience, the premier destination for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals alike, proudly announced the launch of its completely redesigned website at a special unveiling event today.

This transformative redesign introduces a cutting-edge visual appeal, streamlined navigation, and a host of new features aimed at enriching the user experience for its global audience. 

Key Highlights of the New Design

Modern Aesthetic and User Interface: The redesign features a sleek, modern look with enhanced graphics and an intuitive interface, ensuring that content is more accessible and engaging than ever before. 

Enhanced Navigation: With user experience as the top priority, the site now boasts a more logical, streamlined navigation structure, making it easier for users to find the information they seek, from the latest news and in-depth analysis to exclusive interviews and multimedia content. 

Improved Performance: Leveraging the latest in web technology,'s new site delivers fast load times, reduced intrusive advertising, and a more responsive design, offering an optimal browsing experience across all devices, from desktop to mobile. 

Interactive Features: New interactive elements including updated navigation and Race Center ensure that users can easily engage with the content that matters most to them, enhancing their connection to the sport. 

Expanded Coverage and Multimedia Content: The redesign supports richer multimedia content, including videos, photo galleries, and podcasts, providing users with a more immersive and comprehensive coverage of motorsport events worldwide.  
A Strategic Vision for Growth and Engagement

The launch of the new website marks a significant milestone in the company's strategy to not only serve as a news platform but to create a dynamic community hub for motorsport fans and professionals. This vision is supported by the introduction of features designed to foster user engagement and community building. 

Executive Insights

Speaking at the launch, the Chief Product Officer, Joe Alicata, highlighted the strategic thinking behind the redesign: "Our goal was to evolve into a more immersive, user-friendly platform that not only meets the current needs of our audience but also anticipates future trends in digital consumption. This redesign reflects our commitment to innovation and our desire to offer the best possible experience to our fans and partners."  

Looking Forward

As continues to grow, the company is committed to further enhancing its platform, with plans to introduce more features and improvements based on user feedback, most notably for live race following. This redesign is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting new chapter in the company's mission to be the ultimate destination for motorsport enthusiasts and professionals around the globe. 

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