03 Aug 2015

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Charles Bradley, editor in chief and Repucom will to combine their expertise, skills and media assets to aid motorsport and automotive customers worldwide.

MIAMI (Aug. 3, 2015) — Building on the success of their partnership on the recent 2015 GPDA Global Fan Survey, and Repucom have today announced a global co-operation agreement to combine their expertise, skills and media assets to aid motorsport and automotive customers worldwide.

The GPDA 2015 Global Fan Survey has become the world’s largest sports study with over 217,000 individual respondents from 194 countries participating. The final study based on a sample of over 133,000 responses was weighted to be representative of Formula 1’s global fanbase by geography and interest level.

Both parties quickly recognized that their skills and expertise are complementary and together they can deliver a seamless global research capability for motorsport and automotive customers.

Nigel Geach, Senior Vice President Motorsport, Repucom, said: “With just under a quarter of a million respondents, we were delighted with the outcome of the 2015 GPDA Global Fan Survey which reminded us how passionate motorsport, and in this case in particular, F1 fans are.

“Fans are key to driving any sport forward, how they interact and engage with that sport remains central to its success. Our work with provided the biggest and best example of what F1 fans want to date and we hope this new partnership will continue that work to help define fan interest and provide the industry with the insights that really matter.

A powerful combined force

The joint Repucom – offering spans all deliverables from issue identification, through questionnaire compilation, technical build, hosting, creation, promotion and data collation, to data analysis, interpretation, recommendation and report delivery all through a single point of contact.

Bringing together the world’s leading research specialist and fast-growing global motorsport and automotive media platform offers customers in both the motorsport and automotive sector a single-source partner to deliver all their research and market intelligence requirements.

“Through our work together on the recent GPDA Global Survey, we quickly realized that Repucom brought a wealth of research expertise and experience to our business,” said’s Editor in Chief Charles Bradley.

“Our focus is building the world’s most comprehensive global media platform across the motorsport and automotive sectors; we understand that experts can bring value to our business and customers. Repucom is an ideal partner; its acquired knowledge and expertise is unrivalled, and partnering with that expertise means we can not only help our customers’ business, but also help us understand our business better.

“We can’t wait to get working on the next phase of our relationship.”


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