23 Nov 2018

Motorsport Heroes partners with the ICM

Motorsport Network’s first major film commission will promote and support the work of one of the world’s pre-eminent brain and spine research institutes.

LONDON, UK - November 23, 2018Motorsport Network’s first major feature commission, Motorsport Heroes that was announced in May this year, commences filming this month. As cameras prepare to turn, its award-wining producer and director, Manish Pandey, confirmed that the feature will officially partner the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epinière (ICM), one of the world’s leading brain and spine research institutes that has enjoyed an enduring relationship with Formula 1.

Motorsport Heroes is a major film project that will feature the interweaving narratives of a number of racing and rallying’s seminal stars drawn with both archive and first-hand testimony, brought together by the BAFTA and Sundance award winner, Manish Pandey. One of the underlying narratives in Motorsport Heroes is the human fragility of drivers, a theme that organically connects to the ICM’s work to mitigate the consequences of brain and spine trauma arising from crashes.

The ICM, which is headquartered in Paris, was founded in 2006 by Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher, the president of the FIA Medical Commission, Professor Gérard Saillant and Louis C. Camilleri, the CEO of Ferrari among others. The ICM is unique in its mission to bring patients, doctors and researchers together with the aim of rapidly researching and developing treatments for injuries to, and disorders of, the brain and spinal cord.

Professor Gérard Saillant, who leads the FIA’s Medical Commission and is also the ICM’s President said, ‘‘I am pleased and honoured to that the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moëlle Epinière will form this prestigious association with Motorsport Heroes and Manish’s film will help to shine a light on the essential work that continues at the ICM.”

Motorsport Heroes commences filming at the picturesque Wrotham Park Estate as featured in Gosford Park and The Kingsman, with the identity of the heroes in the film due to be announced prior to the Autosport Awards, the industry’s annual red carpet event hosted at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Sunday December 2.

Manish Pandey, the Producer & Director of Motorsport Heroes said, “As we embark on this celebration of some of motorsport’s greatest characters, it is only fitting to support some of Formula 1’s finest contributions to civic society, sponsored in part by luminary figures from within the paddock. I can think of a no more noble or relevant cause for ‘Motorsport Heroes’ to partner with than the ICM.”

James Allen, Motorsport Network’s President said, “We’re delighted that the cameras are now rolling for Motorsport Network’s first major feature commission and no-one better to steer this rich narrative than Manish Pandey. Aligning this project with the amazing work of the ICM feels instinctively right and I hope we can bring their great work to the attention of a global audience through this partnership, as well as make a financial contribution to their mission.”